Taking Sec+ exam tomorrow 12/22

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I have my a+ and net+ and have use Darril Gibsons products mostly. I read his whole study guide front to back and used his mobile app scoring 100 percent on the test and purchase his online content with test and have been score an average of 93 to 98 percent. Will this be enough to pass? I have tired exam compass test and score like 80s or 85s percent. I am concerned. I guess I really need to read the questions repeatedly and watch for key word best fast most likely etc. What is most asked? Ports and protocols? Security controls? Bcp bia ? Any pointers greatly appreciated.


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    I haven't taken this exam yet, however I am due to soon and have read a lot of posts. I've read the questions can be tricky so read over them carefully or twice. Secondly the simulation questions will most likely be the first to appear mark these for review and go straight to the multiple choice questions, you don't want to waste to much time on the sims so best to come back to them at the end. You'd be best to download and look at the course objectives. There will not be more of one particular questions as the exam is split into domains with each domain given a percentage. Hope this helps!
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