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Along with Ostinato, this is another program I'd like to play around with to understand certain transactions in-depth (Meaning the more specific options in a TCP transaction. Not the flags or basic fields i.e. sequence number, but more so the supported options i.e. Nagle algorithm, delayed ACK, SACK, normal MSS values, etc). The primary purpose for this is to re-simulate some unusual situations I have encountered with some of our in-field network equipment. I know that I can't look at the socket level in the application itself, but I do at least have a capture of the data. So, using this, I would like to recreate what was happening, tinker with the options, and hope to find a resolution, whether it be temporary or permanent.
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    When I was facilitating SEC503 at SANS Virginia Beach this year, Mike Poor did a bonus after-class hours session on Scapy. It was amazing, and he showed us briefly some material that is not publicly available anymore, as well as demoing his Scapy-fu. I asked if there were any dedicated Scapy resources and I've looked myself and all I've found is where Scapy is a chapter or a part of a chapter in various books. I really wish SANS wouldn't have discontinued their dedicated Scapy course.
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