Questions about DHCP

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There is something about DHCP that i can't understand.
I was told that the PC asks for an ip address by sending a broadcast(and then the router continues the proccess. From to this point i understand it).
My problem is with the beginning - how can the pc send a messege without having an ip? even if he has mac address, he stills need an ip.
And also, what would be the ip source and the ip destination in this broadcast frame? i know that there is broadcast messege layer 2 and 3, but still I can't understand how would look in this case.
When a PC wants to discover another PC(or any other network device), he sends an arp request, but he can only send it when he already has its ip, so i can't undertand how this proccess (the dhcp proccess- not the arp!)starts and ends without having ip of anyone.
Also a broadcast address in layer 3 is the last ip of a network, so how can the pc know what is its network id before he recives the ip address?
I hope you understand all my questions and help me with them.


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