Psychometrician Terminology, Bloom's Taxonomy & other ISC2 Question related stuff...

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Has anyone come across any of this in their exam prep? (Psychometrician Terminology, Bloom's Taxonomy, a document called "(ISC)² Guidelines for Item Writers and Reviewers")

I came across a PowerPoint presentation (link below) created by the University of Fairfax (from 2011) that seems to indicate that they obtained a document called "(ISC)² Guidelines for Item Writers and Reviewers". The presentation contains interesting information, presumably garnered from the (ISC)² document which includes the anatomical terms for the components of a question, references to Bloom's Taxonomy (which might explain how the CISSP questions seem to be much more challenging than most certification exams), question writing guidelines, and example questions.

There is also a YouTube video where the PowerPoint is reviewed - although the instructor isn't that good in my opinion.

Bloom's Taxonomy is very interesting. Based on the feedback on threads it appears that many of the questions come from levels 3 & 4 (application/analysis/evaluation), while most other certification exams tend to exist only in levels 1 & 2. (knowledge/comprehension)

Here is a diagram of Bloom's:

Here is a link to the PowerPoint:
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