Passed CISSP! 12/22/15

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Well, another pass thread. Figured I would contribute some of my study habits with the rest of you in hopes that it will assist you in your path to the exam. Everything that I studied was based off the 10 domains, however I did purchase a month's worth of access to the practice quiz engine at cccure which was focused on the new 2015 material. I will say in fairness the biggest thing for me was my experience. There were just so many questions on the exam that I don't think I would have been able to answer without it. I see why they stress having the experience. Although, that doesn't mean it can't be done without it but it would just take a lot of effort on trying to apply the concepts in some manner so that you understand it all.

Another thing that was helpful to me was the Security + exam that I took last year. There were a lot familiar concepts that made it easier going through the material. One of the biggest challenges for me because of the familiarity was getting engaged with the material. As much as I enjoy security it can be a very dry subject. With that being said take your time to study if you don't have the experience and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using all the different materials that you possibly can utilize. From the practice tests, notes, books, and videos it will only help.

11th Hour Study Guide - A great resource, started with my initial jump in the studies and read a few days before exam

Cybrary Videos with Kelly Handerhan - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED a great place to start your journey. She is one of the best instructors I have ever used.

AIO Shaun Harris - Great for a reference, but to be honest way too much for the exam. Practice questions however, are a great resource.

CBTNuggets - Good for the trancender tests, and a high level overview of the material.

ISC2 Flash Cards - Great source for study

CCCURE Test engine - Another great resource for practice tests. Did about 1000 questions.

McGraw Hill Practice quizes

Sunflower notes and my own notes. Take your time to study and grasp the concepts. Do a lot of practice tests to build up your stamina for the long one.

Good luck to all who are preparing and a big thank you to this web site for the friendly and helpful community that it provides.


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