What skills should I focus on?

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I'm new to IT. I've been on this forum/studying for the CCNA for a couple of months now and I plan on attending WGU this spring for a BS in IT Security. Eventually I'd like to move into security, so I'm trying to figure out important things I should know outside of networking to become better rounded. Would it be worth learning how to write code if I'd like to go that route? And if so, how would you guys who have done it recommend going about it? Is there anything else that would be better to spend my time studying? Part of me wants to get the CCNA finished asap; I've really enjoyed my studies so far. However, I'm so new to IT that I feel like I'm OCD. I keep seeing new things and wanting to learn how they work. It's kind of discouraging how every time I look at jobs, or read about one thing it seems like I come across tons of technologies I have never heard of. It hardly seems like english sometimes. Did anyone else feel this way at the beginning? icon_redface.gif


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    -Soft skills are awesome to have!
    -Being able to explain tech talk to people who aren't in tech will be great.

    If you see a technology that you don't know about, just take the time to read up on it. You'll understand it over time. It took me like a year and a half to understand how to subnet for IPv4.
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