CCNA R&S 200-120 Passed

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Hello all,

I passed my CCNA R&S 200-120 today! So glad i passed because now i can spend time with my friends and family during the holidays without feeling "guilty or bummed out".

Anyway, my question was that i had studied Network+ and A+ (took both classes at a Community College) but i never took the exams. Do you think it's worth it to re-study these two certs and take the exams or continue on with CCNP? I guess i'm asking if these two certs are really worth it at this point. (i've built many pc's back in the day and did a lot of troubleshooting also so i'm quite familiar with A+).

Would it be enough that i put that i took the classes and passed both with A's on my resumé and/or job app or go with the certs?
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    Congrats! Do you have vouchers for those certifications or would you have to buy them? I'm studying for what you have now. You can probably study hard for a month or two for both of those certifications and knock them out. If you desire to have them.
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    Congrats! Why not go for the Security+? It will renew your N+ and A+ so that way you will have 4 certs total instead of 2? Then I would continue with the CCNP.
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    danny069 wrote: »
    Congrats! Why not go for the Security+? It will renew your N+ and A+ so that way you will have 4 certs total instead of 2? Then I would continue with the CCNP.

    It sounds like he never became certified in N+ or A+. Security+ is a solid recommendation though.

    I would not bother with Network+ since you have your CCNA. Congrats BTW!

    A+ could be beneficial if you're looking at a Help Desk job. I would say do it since you can probably get the cert without much effort.

    I would hold off on CCNP.
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    Congrats buddy. well done!
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    In your situation, I don't see much benefit getting the Net+, since the CCNA R+S kind of trumps that. If you are looking for work and not finding it, then the A+ might be worthwhile. But probably isn't worth spending the money unless it's needed. I think if you put the classes on your resume, it should be enough. You might also be in a good position for Security+.

    CCNP is good, also the other CCNA streams are worth exploring - people have said that the CCNA Security, Data Center and CCDA are all "easy".

    The other thing to at least glance at is cloud and virtualisation. If you are likely to be in IT for the next 5 or 10 years, then you will have to deal with this stuff, anyway, so getting an idea of it now is advantageous.

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    I would agree with some of the other suggestions and go for the A+ then Security+.
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    Nice job!
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