Santa came early this year!! Passed CISSP 12/22

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I initially posted a thread debating whether I should postpone my exam. Needless to say I DID NOT postpone and am very happy I pushed through. All I wanted for Christmas a CISSP pass and I got it! icon_cheers.gif

First, I want to thank this entire community for your insight, information, etc. It was really helpful to read about the resources and experiences.

My method will be a little different. As a former educator I truly strive to KNOW and APPLY my learning. I'm a kinesthetic learner (which is the worst kind of learner), once I know something I know it, but it takes me a long time reading. I used audios while running.
Now for my story..........


I am a former high school teacher (Technology)/Technology Director, CCNA trainer, various positions, almost 20 years in IT, BBA, M.Ed. Instructional Technology.
Length of Study
On and off for 18 months
  • Global Knowledge CISSP training (1 week) Nov. 2014
  • CISSP Study Guide, Eric Conrad
  • CISSP All in One 6th Edition, Shon Harris
  • CISSP Exam Prep, Shon Harris
  • Shon Harris audios
  • Training camp audios (got from a friend's boot camp)
  • CISSP for Dummies iPad app - good drill when I was tired of reading
  • Transcender Test Questions - Did about 1.5 times (approx 1,200 questions) Only online test engine I used. Learned a lot through the explanations of right and wrong answers.
  • Cybrary Videos - MOST AWESOME - brought everything together for me. Went through ALL videos and slides (took notes) 2 times, listened to audios while running another time. Kelly does a great job explaining concepts in ways I could remember.
  • 11th Hour, Eric Conrad (read the week before, free download)
  • Sunflower notes - Read the night before exam.
Exam Strategy
  • Went through 200 questions in about 3 hours, marking many I could not answer quickly. I read each question twice carefully before answering.
  • Took a break, ate something, drank a bottle of water.
  • Finished questions, then went back and answered marked questions.
  • Reviewed marked questions (I answered but were not sure of, changed about 20 of the answers). It really helped reviewing later, I found key words which changed the meaning of the question which utilmately changed my answer, I did not see the first time.
Hope this helpful. I was prepared to fail knowing I would PASS upon repeated attempt. This helped calm my nerves as if it was a dress rehearsal icon_lol.gif. I encourage you all to push through. It will be worth it! Merry Christmas!


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