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Hey all,
I am planing to start my CISSP preparation in 2016. Right now i am collecting material. I do not have experience in security field. I done Masters in Networking and also i have CCNA Security. I am doing full time job in networking field but want to go in security field that is why i decided to do CISSP.
Can anybody help me out to find correct material ? I will really appreciate that.

Please help me out


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    Check the many passed threads here, almost all of them mention the training material used.
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    Well I agree with Danielm7, there are a TON of other post on what people have used to pass the exam. And a lot of great advice. But in light of this, I will still post what I did. Below is a list of what I used, my study habits and my test method. I passed the exam the first week of this November.

    Books and study Material in order of my purchase and reading.
    (ISC)2 Official CBK - Hardest book I have ever read, so much fluff..
    CISSP Study Guide, 2E by Eric Conrad
    CISSP Study Guide 11th Hour by Eric Conrad
    **CCCure Practice Exam
    CCCure Review Notes
    **Transcender Practice Exams
    Sunflower Review Notes
    **(ISC)2 Official Study Guide 7th Edition - Sybex
    **Cybrary CISSP videos and MP3s.
    **Combined Notes from here
    **Quizlet (ISC)2 Official Flash Cards (These are free and are the exact same flash cards they gave us at the class)
    **Official (ISC)2 Traning Guide CISSP CBK - Official Training Guide from the class.

    I read them all, cover to cover. The ones with the ** are what I think were most beneficial to my passing the exam. With the class I believe this is what helped me pass.

    My study habits. From April to around August, I studied now and then, when I had time, mostly reading the Official CBK. From August until the Test, I studied for about 4-6 hours a day. If I had a break at work, in line for lunch and then 2-3 hours a night at home. I only took Sundays off.

    When I took the exam, it took me 4 Hours and 44 minutes to complete. For each question I read the answers first. Then read the question. Then read the question again and used my finger to point out the Adverbs and Adjectives. Then looked at the answers again. I first eliminated the obvious answers that did not match the Adverbs or Adjectives. Then made an educated Selection of the remaining answers. If I wasn't 75% sure of my selection, I flagged the question.

    After my first pass, I took a break, went to the restroom, drank a bottle of water and ate a granola bar. Then I reviewed my flagged questions, about 50 of them. I actually changed 11 of the answers, but only changed them if I was 100%. Those that I changed I either selected wrong the first time or the answers were identified by other questions in the exam.


    I cannot stress this enough. If you take the test with a Technician or Engineer's not going to work. CISSP is a Management Certification, not a SSCP or Security +.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi havoc64,
    Thanks for sharing your thought and knowledge.. I have downloaded Combined Notes from here and its really good...
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