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Hi ,

As recommended by many people in this forum to through one book thoroughly for CISSP exam , can you please suggest which one shall I choose:-

CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad 3rd Edition


CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide (English) 7 Edition

Please guide me



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    I passed my exam in September of 2015. I used the Eric Conrad Eleventh Hour Study Guide 2nd Edition. I felt the Eleventh Hour Study Guide required me to have a little bit a previously knowledge of the security terms to really get a good understanding. Luckily I do have that previous knowledge, but if I didn't I could have seen myself turning to Google to truly get a better understanding. I can't comment on the Official Study Guide because I've never looked at it. After taking the test, I wish I would have watched more of Larry Greenblatt's CISSP trainings on YouTube. I did pass, but I would've felt a little more confident during the test as I feel like he integrated some important topics throughout all of his videos to give you a better understanding. Just my two cents. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for your suggestion
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    Depends on your experience level. Conrad's book is a few hundred pages, and the official study guide is like 800 pages...obviously there is information omitted for Conrad's book to make it bare bones. I personally would start with the Official Study Guide and then as you get closer move towards the 11th Hour book...multiple resources are better than one for preparing.
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    Well I would say BOTH and more...below is what I read and studied and my study habits used to pass the test.

    Books and study Material in order of my purchase and reading.
    (ISC)2 Official CBK - Hardest book I have ever read, so much fluff..
    CISSP Study Guide, 2E by Eric Conrad
    CISSP Study Guide 11th Hour by Eric Conrad
    **CCCure Practice Exam
    CCCure Review Notes
    **Transcender Practice Exams
    Sunflower Review Notes
    **(ISC)2 Official Study Guide 7th Edition - Sybex
    **Cybrary CISSP videos and MP3s.
    **Combined Notes from here
    **Quizlet (ISC)2 Official Flash Cards (These are free and are the exact same flash cards they gave us at the class)
    **Official (ISC)2 Traning Guide CISSP CBK - Official Training Guide from the class.

    I read them all, cover to cover. The ones with the ** are what I think were most beneficial to my passing the exam. With the class I believe this is what helped me pass.

    My study habits. From April to around August, I studied now and then, when I had time, mostly reading the Official CBK. From August until the Test, I studied for about 4-6 hours a day. If I had a break at work, in line for lunch and then 2-3 hours a night at home. I only took Sundays off.

    As for the the answers before you read the question. This will make sure that you don't select the first answer that looks right. Remember many questions have multiple "Right" answers, your job will be to pick the best right answer. Also, DO NOT think like a technician when taking the test, think like a CIO or CISO! MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER! Can't stress this enough.

    Good luck!
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