Another person's take on how to prepare for the CISSP Exam

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I passed and got certified back in Septemberish of 2015. Below is what I did to pass the exam. I have some networking, security, and server administration background. All-in-all about 8 years experience in each of those.

I generally take test fast. Every time I felt my focus slipping or at a maximum every 75 questions I took a break. Luckily I was the only one in the testing room that day, so I was able to do some pushups and zone out from the test for a few minutes. I would only sit back down when I was ready to focus completely on the test. Early on I felt like I honestly was going to fail the test. I remember telling myself, "Wow, I drove 2 hours to a testing center and another 3-4 hours on a test and it's just a huge waste of time. I can't believe I spent that much time studying and I'm going to fail." When I realized my thinking I got up from my test and took my first break probably within the first 20 questions.

I used CCCure in the last couple of weeks to test my knowledge. While none of the questions were really close to the actual exam questions. It allowed me to test my overall knowledge and understand the questions that I was getting wrong. I liked the explanation in CCCure. My test scores on CCCure were similar in the 70s. It also allowed me to gauge my average time per question.

11th Hour Study Guide was my main source of studying. Without prior security knowledge I do NOT recommend jumping right into the 11th Hour Study Guide. I took a lot of notes from that book to help me learn the topics. When I got a question wrong at the end of a chapter I would go back to my notes. I only read through the book once. I read through chapter by chapter and at the end of each chapter I would take notes on that particular chapter.

In addition to those two, I also watched Larry Greenblatt's YouTube videos. They can get boring at times, but what CISSP training videos aren't.

I used the same method for studying as I did with the actual exam. If I felt that I wasn't completely focused on what I was reading or listening to, I just didn't study. It's not about going through an entire book in a week or two. It's about actually learning the topics you are reading. If you are going through a book just because someone in this forum recommended it, but you aren't actually learning anything, STOP. You are wasting time.

This test is as much about the security knowledge as it is about taking a 250 question timed test. Take your time. Gauge your question speed from practice exams. Don't solely use practice exams as your means of studying.


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