2 books Lammle and/orAIO Mike meyers books for network+ n10-006

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Hi guys/gals:

what out of 2 books you would recommend:

1. Todd Lammle network+ n10-006 study guide
2. AIO by Mike Meyers.
3. any other books

I have some network support experience? No need watered down contents

working on CCNA


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    AIO Mike Meyers is great but more for beginners as it is really broken down for the very beginner. Not a bad thing though, just that if a person has prior experience, the book will seem a bit long in explaining a lot of the topics. His video course is great. Love his teaching style. It was recently on sale for $15 on udemy.

    Would also recommend Network+ Certification Study Guide 6th edition by Glen E Clarke. Got it on Amazon for $40. Comes with a great DVD which includes the book as a PDF, many videos, many performance based questions, and the Total Tester test engine for practice exams. So far I am loving this book.

    And last but not least, the Exam Cram Network+ N10-006. This is great also as it more or less summarizes the information needed to pass the exam. When I studied for my A+ last year, I used Exam Cram as the only studying source/material. Then again, I had many years of hands on experience.

    Ive been pushing off taking the exam now for quite sometime. I would like to sit for it before Spring; currently that is my goal. After that I'll start preparing for the Cisco CCENT and CCNA exams. Good luck to you.
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    I have started and restarted my N+ studying in the lats 4 months about 3 times due to life events. I have used Mike Meyers, Exam Cram, andAnd the Cert guide by Keith Barker and Kevin Wallace.

    The cert guide is BY FAR my favorite. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter, real life scenarios, exercises and study guides at the back of the book, and has a corresponding lab/simulator that you can buy for around $40. It is easy to understand, and more succinct than Mike Meyers. The Mike Meyers book bored me to tears- he is very long winded. The book I have does not have vocab at the end of each chapter nor does it have study questions. IMO, I find the cert guide much more comprehensive.

    Hope this helps!

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    I just finished Ch.6 of Mike's AIO book.
    It is perfect for the true beginner.
    His section on fiber connections, something I knew nothing about, stuck with me.
    However, I found his teaching style hard to follow.

    Todd Lammles & Bill Ferguson's Network+ Cert kit N10-006 4th edition (A note about this "4th edition" both books are marked 3rd edition. The Deluxe Study guide is written by Todd and is the Hardcover version. The Review guide is softcover and was written by Bill Ferguson.)

    I read the 1st chapter of Todds book last night and its perfect! Very easy to follow, very clear, very well laid out. Lots of details and depth. The figures and tables are so much better than Mikes (imho) as well. And then theres the 10 written questions at the end of the chapter followed by a 20 question multiple choice!
    The answers in the back of the book include the whys, which Mikes book is missing.
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    Anyone know if the U-Certify is any good for N+?
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    I started reading the Lammle book a few nights ago. I would really recommend this to anyone. His style of writing makes it feel as though your having a conversation instead of having a professor give a lecture. I find him clear and concise but not to the point of being boring. I've heard he has a good way of learning subnetting although I'm not that far yet so I can't comment based on personal experience.
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    Just bought Lammle's deluxe book with the virtual sims. Hopefully it's worth the extra ~$30.00.
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    First of all Thank you guys for feedback

    I bought Todd Lammle book reading Chapter 5 and I'm using Keith Barker's and Kevin Wallace book Network+ n10-006. Both of books are complimenting each other.
    working on CCNA
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