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I am from the Marketing field and my professional degrees are also from this area. I have worked in Marketing communications, digital marketing and with social media. However, I am interested to shift towards IT project mgt. I have taken training courses in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Also, I have done certifications in Project mgt. Prince 2 - foundation and ITIL foundation. I plan to take PRINCE 2 Practitioner soon. I am also looking at a more technical IT certification as my uni degrees are from the Business area, so to show more technical knowledge of IT, I was thinking of Comptia A+ /Network+ certifications. Is this the right choice of certifications, that could get me an opportunity in the IT project mgt. area? Please share your thoughts. Thanks!


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    I have join itsm technology for prince2 certification course.
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    I have join itsm technology for prince2 certification course.

    Not sure how relevant ITSM Technology course would be, since they are based in India and OP is close to getting Prince2 Practitioner anyway.

    ITIL/Prince2 is a good combo. The CompTIA certifications are pretty good entry level. In addition to the A+/Net+, Cloud+ and Mobility+ might be relevant for the knowledge that they cover. They don't have the same recognition, so might not be worth pursuing the certifications, but certainly reading the books etc is useful. I think the Cloud+ could be particularly useful, since the service/project management side is more important. It might also work well in the devops sense for you if you have some development background.

    A basic Microsoft certification is good, too. One of the Windows 7/8/10 certifications will get you also the MCP. They also have the entry level MTA certifications, which give a good taste of server/databases/network/security/programming.

    VMware have the VCA program, which is similar entry level certifications for virtualisation.
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