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Does anyone know how many CPEs you can earn from taking this course? I know it states on their website you can get 40 CPEs from taking the PTP course and cert, but it doesn't say anything about this one.

I tried asking their online support and got nowhere. They just pointed me to the PTP course link. I need to get some ISC2 CISSP CPEs before April, and I have been interested in this course for some time. This seems like the best way to knock two birds in one stone.


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    10 CPEs is what it says on my cert
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    Thanks iBrokeIT. So, to clarify....you have to take and pass the course AND the certification in order to get the CPEs? I have taken VMware and Checkpoint training courses but never took the exams. I wonder why they don't give you the CPEs until you take the exam on this one. Because it is self-study maybe?

    BTW, iBrokeIT....How did you like the course? Judging from your cert list in your signature, your background is similar to mine. I have little to zero knowledge in the programming and Web App realms, except from a theoretical standpoint.

    Also, I must be blind, because I NOW see the website shows the 10 CPEs under the Course at a Glance. I would swear I never saw it before now. I need a vacation...*SIGH*
    Mark Twain

    “If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven than I shall not go.

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