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For those working in infosec or debating a career in infosec:

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    I'll believe it when i see it. There is a huge push towards outsourcing, AI, and cutting costs.

    Lockheed Martin --> Subcontracts CSOC's (cyber security operations center). They're greatly promoting: Advanced Threat Monitoring, Enhanced Threat Protection, and SOC Services, that allow companies to not have to run a 24/7 shop.

    Rapid7 --> Is looking to automate pentesting with NEXPOSE (network), and AppSpider (web App)

    Wages are starting to fall in info sec at big companies. Here in CLT a pentester/sec engineer/ sec architect can expect to make 59-70k a year.
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    IMHO, there is a push towards outsourcing to MSSP for technical work due to shortage of infosec technical people. On the other hand, policy type managerial and audit jobs are in-house, you still need the CISO, info security manager, risk analyst, and IT auditors. Some demand for those with application development security and cloud computing knowledge.

    My 2 cents.
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    Security in the DC area still pays quite well if you have a clearance. You can't outsource cleared positions either.
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    Infosec will become saturated very soon. Reminds me of the late 1990's when everyone wanted to be a web designer. Demand is so high right now and supply is low that I wont be surprised if employers are willing to take someone from PC repair/Helpdesk to become their security expert. The question becomes how does one differentiate themselves in a crowed market place?
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    Yeah, I am pretty sure I wouldn't ever hire a help desk person to be my security expert. One thing you will find in security is experience matters more than anything else.
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    @mrAgent I 100% agree with you but I've experience a situation where for compliance reason an institution where I worked had to keep up with the industry average for internal auditors or be fined... when no reasonable qualified candidates responded to Job openings, they started to hire just about anyone to fill auditing roles.Scary but true :)
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