problem with the AD CS

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i installed the Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise server on the VM, and recently installed the AD CS on it , after i created the server certificate and try to access it on the IE, was not successful. then i look up the even ID on event viewer :"could not connect to the Active Directory , Active directory certificate services will retry when processing requires Active directory acess" Event ID : 91, Level: Error source: Certificateion Athority. then i do some google search tried to solve the problem. here is what i did below:

1. ping server name : MHSERVER08EN.MH.COM , it is sucessed
2. ping server IP4 address: successed.
3. used the Nltest /sc_verif, then got this message "MHSERVER09EN.MH.COM I_Netlogoncontrol failed: status=1355 0x54b error_no_such_domain"

Please excuse my english grammar and Please give me some recommendation, let me know if you need more info to dignosted this problem.

Many thanks.
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