How to get it right - Cissp Study

SeabSeab Member Posts: 127

What is the most efficiant way to study for Cissp at the moment?
I am reading Cissp Official study guide 7th edition - The one with the lighthouse.
I am also doing the questions available online (Sybex). Questions are not easy, based on text from the book.
I used Shon Harris's book to study in the past, but, feel outdated, same for the questions. I practiced SHarris questions as well.
Problem is, my progress is slow, results not as good as I want to take the exam. I think I understand most of the information from Cissp, but questions are tricky, and not in my first language. I do have many years of experience in Infosec.

Any advices? I was looking to subscribe to CCCure training, wondering if it is really more efficient than Sybex and SH questions?



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