3rd Attempt - Study Plan - Need Advice

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Hi all,
I'm studying for my 3rd CISSP attempt. I scored a 614 in June and a 677 on September 1.
I went through the cccure.org test bank in it's entirety and the end of chapter questions from the CBK, before the second attempt.
I'm halfway through the Sybex 2015 book now. I'm getting 12/20 and 13/20 on some of the end of chapter review questions. It's kind of frustrating after spending this much time on the material. I'm determined to push through and get it however.

My thought is to finish the sybex book. Finish all chapter review questions/quizzes. Then do the 4 Sybex exams(250) questions each and go through Clement's cccure quiz engine again.

Is there anything else anybody could suggest or do you think this should do it? I've heard a few people mention the Cybra class. Do you guys think this is a worthwhile thing to do? It's about 15 hours long I believe. I'm trying to get it done by early to mid February.

Any suggestions and advice appreciated guys! I'm looking for some guidance on the best way to spend my time so I can slay this dragon once and for all.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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    lfrenchwlfrenchw Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I passed the CISSP exam on the 1st attempt. It took me 5 hours and 45 mins to complete. I recommend using the All In One CISSP Exam guide 6th edition by Shon Harris, and mobile app CISSP CBK-5 Exam Prep 2016 ($29). The Shon Harris book has practice questions after each domain, and it comes with a Test Engine that has hundreds of test questions. From my experience these provided the closest to the real exam type questions. If you can consistently make at least 70% on each practice tests, then you should be good to go.
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