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I apologize for the repetitive post as I know I've asked this before, but I wanted to get an opinion from the fresh wave of CCNP candidates, regarding how they study using books / videos / labbing.

I was wondering how you guys go about mixing the three, if you watch a video first on a particular subject then read the corresponding chapter followed by lab work, or if you watch an entire CCNP video series then read an entire CCNP book while labbing between videos and chapters along the way?

I just got the 101 labs book Iris suggested, so I'm trying to get a plan of attack together to hit this hard when I finally go clutch on studying - Thanks for any suggestions!


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    I watch the video for a given topic first, then I read the chapter, and then I lab. I've found that works best for me but to each his own. I've also been using 101 Labs for CCNP. Certainly worth the $10.
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    I used to do that the whole video before reading but now when I watch something thats new to me it takes me a long time to try to grasp what they are trying to say. I like to read up on it first see different scenarios how it would be used then watch a video to see if the instructor adds a different perspective to how I already "think" it works. So now during watching the video I get the "ahh ok that makes sense" moments.
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    Hie planning to write TSHOOT end of February.where can i download CCNP TSHOOT V7 lab manuals and TSHOOT V7 GNS topology .is it possible to download TSHOOT V7 running configurations from internet
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