CCNP Am I ready?

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Hi all, similar to Robbo777‎'s post I'm 23 I currently have CCNA R&S and in a position where I feel not under my head but near too in my current role, network engineer. Our network engineer had left last year and I went from service desk to fill his role along with the Sysadmin tasks.

I don't actually have much experience within networks itself although its slowly getting their as I've set up a cross site VPN using our McAfee firewalls over a WAN link we don't control however I new we had routing to both sites regardless, pretty chuffed that I got this working.

I have around 5/6 months network experience, I would aim to go down security route but in order for that it seems to get good at how networks work, and then penetrate/protect/break them.

Question is should I start learning towards my CCNP with limited experience? as my colleagues are relying on my knowledge.


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    I would say since you a current Network Engineer and looking to take the next step then I would go for it. Work on your skills that will allow you to work on a larger network. Cisco ACS solution, Solarwinds and Network Security solutions aka port security, bpu-guard and just optimizing your current network. I would give it about 3 years in your current role while doing the NP track and you will be ready for the next step and more responsibility. They key now is to hone your CCNA skills and master them. I didn't feel like I was a good CCNA until I was done with my CCNP coursework.
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    Thanks appreciate the input, defo need to hone my skills we have some up coming projects where I will need to duplicate our DMZ to another location with GRE tunnel which hopefully takes off.
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    Seems like youre in the perfect spot to go for it
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