CISSP Passed on first Attempt (06 Jan 2016)

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Hi All
I was waiting this moment since I joined this great forum; I read a lot of posts titled by “Passed” and sometimes by “failed”. All of these experiences are absolutely useful
I would like to thank all of you who shared your experience and encouraged me to continue till writing this post.
Yesterday was so special; I passed my CISSP exam icon_cheers.gif

I spent 5 months preparing for this exam

  1. CISSP Complete Video Course By Sari Greene;
I watched them twice and kept listening to them instead of the radio while I was driving for the last 2 months

2. Boson exams: 750 Q

3. CISSP Practice Exams by Shon Harris

4.Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK 4th Edition (used as reference)

Lesson Learned:
  1. Experience is very important to pass the exam; it is not about memorizing bunch of information to pass.
  2. Time management is crucial especially if you are not native English speaker I took the whole 6 hours and wanted more.
  3. Study in group or at least with one of your friends/ colleagues
  4. Spend as much as you can watch/listen/read the material you need to be familiar with it
  5. Before the exam sleep well; it is long exam so you need to have full energy.
Now waiting my study mate who share with me this journey to pass as well (Mohammed Nasser) Good luck bro :)

Break for one week then start to think about what next


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    When you go the extra mile, there's no traffic.
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    Congratulations! :) Can you please let us know your work experience and areas you have experience in? This would be helpful :)
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    Well said. Thanks for the write up. Congrats on the Pass !
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    I will be writing my own CISSP exam Feb 26.
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