Fortigate 100A - Issues

tstrip007tstrip007 Member Posts: 308 ■■■■□□□□□□
First time trying to configure a firewall from scratch and this noobie is struggling. I have several firewalls already in my network but Im trying to configure this Fortigate 100A at a datacenter which has provided a 3mb link with my rack contract (4 usable ip's).

I have a assigned wan int1 with the 1st of four usable ip's and added a wildcard route with the links gateway. I can ping the wan ip from the outside. I also configed the internal int and have access to the gui.

I have created a policy that only allows inbound traffic on a certain port only and have created a virtual ip that is assigned the next usable ip given from the 3mb link and maps to internal web server (no port forwarding). VIP is added to the policy.

I cannot ping the IP I assigned the VIP from the outside. Any ideas on what I am missing?

Do I need to add routes in my internal switches?

Any advice appreciated, thanks


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