Sybex Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2, help?

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So I'm just starting to study for the 70-410 and decided on the sybex books for self study. Just wondering if this is for the MCSA as a whole or if it's just for the 70-410 exam. 1600 pages seems like a lot for 1 exam so I was seeing if anyone has used these before and which parts they studied for which tests.


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    The Mastering Windows Server book is not a Certification book necessarily. It is incredibly helpful for obtaining one but it isn't specific for preparing for exams. Again, it is a great, great resource so don't take this as a slam on that book. Being that it is intended to be a hard overview of Server 2012 R2, it covers content that spans all three exams (and beyond, to a degree).
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    Sybex does has an entire set of certification specific books for the MCSA, however. They have an all-in-one book titled Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide, and then they have individual books for the exams, as well. I don't know if the all-in-one is simply each of the books as one volume, or if the all-in-one is edited down (it is not expressly geared towards the 70-417 upgrade exam... as it does list each exam separately 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412).

    It's list price is expensive ($99.00), but I was able to get it for $67 on Amazon with free same day shipping, which made me happy when I was in Barnes & Noble looking to buy it and they were selling it for $99 even though they sell it on their own website for $69 and would not price match their own website. I have been happy with it.

    As for the Mastering book... I don't have an opinion, though I do have it in my Favorites list in Safari Book Online so that I can review it at some point. I did acquire their Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2013 book as it seemed to be the best book on the product. So, it may reflect positively on their series.

    In regards to studying, get the exam notes from Microsoft and ensure that you study the testing points for the particular exam (there is considerable overlap in the base knowledge required for things like TCP/IP and DNS, however):
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    So far in my brief read-through, I think the Sybex book is a nice overview of the "How-and-Why" of Server 2012. It seems to be more of a detailed explaining of Server 2012, but other books look like they have better lab material. I've been trying to use multiple sources, which honestly might be slowing me down as I'm bouncing between them, and they are not all in the same order. I've been trying to read the Sybex book as my overview, and then going back and watching the videos on CBT Nuggets to see it done hands on (I always learn better that way). After that, I like to go back through with the lab books and get hands on myself, with a guided lab. Usually by then, I've got decent notes put together from both sources, and the lab helps to get it to stick.

    The downside is, it's painfully slow this way. I've moved from install to DNS (Chapter 2 in the Sybex book) and it feels like it's taking forever. Part of that is my lack of solid focus, but part of it is just my feeling that I need the multiple sources to really get it. Each are good for their own thing. CBT Nuggets videos are nice to watch it being done, but I've found it seems to be hard to learn about the details of why things work, but with reading beforehand, it's easier to put it all together as I see it done. It's like if someone just showed you a motor running and briefly told you how it worked, it might be hard to understand. But, if you read a detailed description and then saw it in action, it might be a lot easier, and stick with you much better.
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