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Hey everyone! I'm studying for 220-802 currently using multiple books, and I feel overwhelmed in a way, and I might be wrong to be. My problem is, for example "to create a backup, start the backup utility, click advanced mode, choose the backup tab. Check boxes... to include your system state information... click the system state checkbox" etc. There are a whole lot of paragraphs like this, and while I know how to do all of this without a problem when I have a computer in front of me, if someone asked me to tell them where to go and what to click, I'd be lost and space out completely because I'm just terrible at explaining things to someone else, therefore, I feel like I need to know this stuff off by heart. Even though I know how to do it and it actually seems like in some chapters I know 80% of the stuff already.

Do I need to know the steps to doing everything mentioned in the book, and I mean know to the point of being able to say them out like the alphabet, or do I just need to know it well enough to be able to perform the actions myself?

It's making me feel a bit overwhelmed thinking I need to learn off full paragraphs in some chapters. In 220-801, it seemed more obvious what I actually need to learn off, and what I don't.

Thanks in advance :]


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    Having taught hundreds, if not thousands of A+ Certification students over the years, trust me when I say that at least half of the A+ candidates feel overwhelmed, particularly by the harder 802 exam. The A+ Certification is what I call a "mile wide and an inch deep". The material is, somewhat, generalized and low on detail, but is positively vast in terms of the number of topics covered. The objectives file is about 25 pages long.

    First thing is to internalize the fact that you are going to feel overwhelmed no matter how you prepare for the exam. Most A+ candidates have little no experience, which is contrarian to CompTIA's idealism that candidates have 6-12 months IT experience. As a result, the exam will and should be overwhelming to newbies.

    I do recommend that you practice the activities mentioned in the books. The 802 exam has simulation questions that might resemble some of the activities that you performed in the books.

    Another idea is to watch video presentations of others performing the steps. You'll get a good dose of this on Professor Messer's YouTube channel found here:


    Good luck!

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    My advice, worry about all the other material. I only did one simulation and passed with ease. I despise the A+!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Everyone feels overwhelmed when they take their A+, its a common feeling. Focus on the concepts in the book and take many practice tests until you are getting 90% or more. Learn why you chose the wrong answer on the practice test. Examcram has a CD that contains the practice tests that will tell you why you got your answer wrong, it helps to learn the troubleshooting questions faster and quite easier.

    I also recommend professor messer! i watched all his videos and re-watched the videos that i wasnt sure about.
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    Just read questions carefully. Sometimes the wording is tricky. I think the wording messed me up when i attempted the 802. Will re take it soon.
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    I see your having trouble with 802. I also have failed just wanted to see what you been studying and whether it has help you?
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    Work on understanding the concepts behind it.
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    Hey guys I haven't logged in for a while now. I was lazy for some time and then got back into it properly, and after a few weeks of reading realized I actually find it really easy. Weird huh? Being motivated made all the difference for me. Exam booked on March 3rd, will return to let you all know whether I passed! :] Thank you everyone for your replies by the way. I am using Professor Messer's videos on Youtube, CompTIA A+ Rapid Review book (which has been a way to speed everything up by quite a bit), and CompTIA A+ All in One by Mike Meyers. I've noticed that Mike Meyers book, while very complete, had a bit too much detail for me. As in, I know a lot of the things covered and I found that it's explained too much for me personally. Like a full page of something that could be explained in a single sentence in my opinion. It's an amazing book, especially for people new to IT, however for me (I don't have IT work experience, but I've been into computers as a hobby for a long time), it could have been more to the point in some parts of the book. I definitely recommend the books I've mentioned along with Exam Cram CompTIA A+ which I used for 801. Don't forget Professor Messer, that guy's probably the best teacher I've ever seen.
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