How has the knowledge from your CISSP studying helped at your current role?

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I am not able to be endorsed until May of this year but I have no doubt benefited from my CISSP studies and been able to apply them to my current role. Knowing the difference between asymmetric and symmetric encryption and how public key infrastructure works allowed me to troubleshoot and resolve many customers' email issues. Had I not known how public and private keys work, I would not have been able to resolve this issue - and this is for desktop support.

Anyone else benefitting from the knowledge you gained?
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    chrisonechrisone Member Posts: 2,278 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I finished reading the entire sybex book. Although I still need to go back now and reinforce many topics before taking the test, I feel the information is highly valuable. It is almost a "dont F' up guide." One truly needs to step out of the technical/engineer role in order to grasp many of the topics. For example the software development life cycles are a perfect example of why such material needs to be learned. Having a structured approach at building security from the beginning is essential to all aspects of IT. Understanding how to deal with security related situtations within an enterprise is a very serious matter. Reputations, money, business relationships, as well as government relationships are serious aspects. Understanding risks, calculating risks, asset identification, all seems easy to the technical/engineer guy who is not having to meet with CEO's and upper management when you have to explain why money was lost, why you need money, why x,y,z security protocols was not met. It is a different ball game that many "elite" feeling engineers truly dont understand. I was one of these self highly thought of engineers until I realized the seriousness of upper management by sitting in several high level meetings.

    I am happy and thankful for being humbled. The CISSP journey was very beneficial to my career regarding the knowledge, I have yet to benefit from it in its entirely because I have yet to get certified.
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    YoniKYoniK Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Definitely helped a lot. My exam is on the 9 of May but I have been studying for the past month and a half and I can say for sure that the whole domain of risk management has greatly effected the way I approach my day to day work. At my job I am part of a security team which deals which the many regulations forced on the the financial investment sector and we deal with the security aspect of that amongst other things and that fact alone has helped me get into the mindset that the most important aspect of security IMO is that it is governed correctly.
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    Mike7Mike7 Member Posts: 1,107 ■■■■□□□□□□
    As above. Also provides credibility if you are involved in customer facing infosec role. My current company even pay certification allowance for CISSP. :)
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