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I started the OSCP a while ago with no pen testing experience and don't work with any security folks. I don't know if this tool exists, but if it does, I am dying to use it.

Suppose a server is vulnerable to a particular url path.

But the url path is hidden under a directory called secret or hidden.

To be able to find it you first need to use dirbuster or dirb using a wordlist containing secret/hidden. Then use wfuzz or nikto.

As far as I know, beef, wfuzz, and nikto won't be of any use because they won't expect the url path to be under an unusual directory.

Basically I am looking for a dirb + wfuzz hybrid. Maybe one of these tools already does this. Feel free to message me if you don't want to share too much info with the internet.


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    Sounds like you want Burp Suite, it is in Kali
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    You can pass your secret directory to nikto, i.e. "nikto -host http://example.org/secret/"

    In addition, nikto comes with a "dictionary" plugin that should help with the discovery of such directories.
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