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Greetings. I recently started a new job, and my employer will send me to an ITIL Foundations course next week; the course begins on a Monday afternoon, and goes through Friday morning, at which time we will be tested.

My questions:
1. With only a week, what should I be reviewing as preparation, with not much time to go out and buy a book. I am unclear on who will instruct the class or what materials will be given.
2. With the class only running 3 1/2 days, is this sufficient time to fully prepare for the test? I recently completed Security +, so I have (already) some test anxiety, as I am not sure what to expect.



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    Hi GEFphillips

    If you're taking an accredited course then the course provider should give you everything you need in the 3 days to pass the exam. The global pass rate is 95% for ITIL Foundation, so even though there is a lot to take in it's an acheivable exam.

    There are a number of exam prep books you can buy if you have time to read them (my 'ITIL Foundation Essentials' has just the facts and is available as an eBook) or you could take the course at Free Online ITIL Training Videos and PDF Guide which gives you an intro to ITIL in a couple of hours.

    Good luck and enjoy the course,

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    If you are interested to complete course, course provider is ready to give you everything what you need to pass exam within 3 days.

    Best of luck
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