Passed GCFE today!

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I just passed my first ever SANS exam this afternoon. This year I was lucky enough to get picked up by a company that has a good training program, and I attended SANS Crystal City last September. I took FOR 408 with Mike Pilkington, who I really enjoyed as an instructor. He works in Incident Response, and sprinkled some tidbits about forensics from the IR perspective throughout the class, which I really enjoyed because I also work in IR. I procrastinated on taking the exam after the class, which I think was a bit of a mistake. I began feverishly studying around the holidays, and took the exam today, before my voucher expires tomorrow. I took both of my practice exams over this last weekend, scoring 78 on my first, and 87 on my second. These were really helpful practice for the exam, and definitely helped improve my score on the real exam because I had a good sense of how long I could spend on each question. I was able to relax and take the time to check my index and verify my answers in the books before committing to them on each question. I ended up finishing up with a 96 on the exam.

It was all a great experience, and I can't recommend SANS enough. It's truly a pity they're so expensive. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year, as my employer is sending me to FOR508, ICS515 and, if I'm not totally burned out later this year, FOR610. Gonna be a busy year!
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