MS SQL Server before Oracle?

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Is there any benefit to going with the MTA + MCSA before or instead of OCA/OCP? I have heard that SQL is much more widely used and in demand than Oracle but Oracle is also highly in demand but much more specialized and harder to get in to.

It sounds like database entry level jobs are really difficult to find and get.


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    I recommend you as first step MySQL/MariaDB.

    The cert is too difficult, but the know how learned is very valuable.
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    From memory, exam 70-461 and its MS training guide are not 100% Microsoft-specific, they do try to use ANSI syntax rather than MS syntax where possible. The subsequent exams (462, etc.) needed for MCSA are more MS-specific. 70-461 is also not as difficult as some MS exams in my opinion. So if you've got the money, exam 70-461 might be worth taking.
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    That is what I am taking in about 2 weeks...the exam 70-461
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