Ready to cast-off

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Hello everyone,

I appreciate all the knowledge offered here and have spent a bit of time trying to organize my plan of action and best course to set my compass. One thing I have not come across yet is...are there any materials that are no longer relevant in relation the to exam? I know there was a change in format mid 2015 yet I continue to see references to study material that predate that by several years. Is this because these are more broad-brush, conceptual, best practices that for the most part hold valid over time and not so much technical items that seem to constantly change to some degree?

So far it seems Sybex and Harris hold high esteem in regards to text resources and probably my starting point. That being said, one is new (Sybex, 2015) and one is old (Harris, 2012). Could someone shine some light on this?

Much appreciated.


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