Can I study for Network+ with exam 10-005 books rather than 10-006?

sferg410sferg410 Member Posts: 129
I have several books for Network+ exam study but they are for exam N10-005.
Is the current N10-006 exam majorly different does anyone know and do I need books for the 006 or will the 005 books suffice?


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    bloodshotbettybloodshotbetty Member Posts: 215
    I can't speak from direct experience on this topic, but it may be beneficial to compare the exam objectives and see where there might be some changes or where you may need to gather some supplemental materials.

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    sferg410sferg410 Member Posts: 129
    Thanks. I have know the answer now so no one needs to reply. N10-006 materials for N10-006 exam, simple as that.
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