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Hey fellas,

Any good practice tests you found for free for this test? Right now I am reading the Project+ Study Guide by Heldman. a bit dry at first but now its not too bad (currently at chapter 4). Anyways, after i am done reading I plan to take the practice tests on the CD the book comes with. Did you guys find any other free practice test resources for P+? And any "gotcha's" for the test?
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    I took Project+ when it first came out years ago. Glad to see it has had some staying power, and I found the knowledge to be useful in my own job. Unfortunately, even then there wasn't a lot of supplemental material out save for one or two texts. Maybe not much has changed.

    Good luck though, I think you'll learn some helpful info in the process of studying.
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    How did you do on the exam using this book? I'm studying for it now.
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    Passed today with 774. The reason it took so long was because I waited to enroll in WGU to utilize the UCERTIFY program they use. Ucertify was all I needed resource wise to pass the test. On to Linux+!
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    Associate of Science - Computer Information Systems
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    I am taking this beta exam on Nov 17th...I am reading the Sybex PK0-003 book, the Udemy Project+ course, and watching the CompTIA YouTube channel videos. I have to say, it's not the kind of material that is just soaking in, it's dry and not the typical stuff I enjoy reading. I felt it was covering more construction projects than IT projects.
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    I used the Sybex book and passed. It was very dry but had everything I needed to pass. I'm not a PM but I learned a ton along the way with this exam and still find it useful - it improved managing my own work a little. The biggest improvement was understanding and communication with the PM side.
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