[help] CCNA Mod 2 Inter vlan routing

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My instructor gave us this diagram to do (Not homework just practice) and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to configure it since there's 3 routers, and multiple switches interconnected.


Could someone help walk me through configuring this? Thanks


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    DollarhydeDollarhyde Member Posts: 111
    It kind of depends what he wants done.

    I assume he wants to do legacy routing where a router had one interface in each network. You can give your left topology one vlan with IP subnet and the other different vlan with different IP subnet.

    You would then put default static route on your Router1 to Router2 and same from Router3 to Router2

    Then you would configure I assume static routes as you might not have learned any dynamic routing protocols.

    You would configure on Router2 for example (ip route g0/0) and go back with (ip route g0/1)

    There are better and more efficient ways to go about this, but this is just probably all you need.
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    OfWolfAndManOfWolfAndMan Member Posts: 923 ■■■■□□□□□□
    First and most important question: What is the goal? Giving us a topology and asking us what to do isn't going to get us anywhere if we don't know what to go off of.
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    pinkiaiiipinkiaiii Member Posts: 216
    whoever posted this made me sweat,i always keep forgetting how to setup static routes properly took me 30 mins,and dumb crashing packet tracer since seems it always has issues when doing routes and trying to ping it drops then ping between routers and do distant ping and wolla it has its routing table.

    basically what you need to do as seems on diagram,is specify static routes for each router.

    first setup up networks on pcs,2.10 pc2 etc
    do interface vlan 1
    ip address network mask
    ip default-gateway

    then on routers youll have 6 interfaces in total to set up
    so say if using 1.1. for one network and network on other side is 2.2
    setup ips on routers interfaces
    int g0/0 g0/1 etc
    ip add mask

    then you need to specify hops for each router
    easiest command is
    if say starting at 1.0 network
    ip route g0/1=exit interface
    then next router might have ip
    ip route g0/0
    once done on one side reverse and do it on the other.
    Since for some reason i find using destination and next hop ip somewhat difficult where interface is easy to see and works better in general,dunno why.also should be possible just to do last resort gateway of g0/0 g0/1 on middle router since its either directing traffic in or out.

    Actually remember reading from materails,that its always better to point exit interface,because if specifying next hop ip router has to work as in cpu usage to work out exit interface,where if its provided then it just fires packets out that way,no need identifying ip to interface.
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