Passed 801 & 802

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Hey all,

I took both exams back to back and passed! Not totally stoked on my scores (767/747), but they're passing.

I'm ecstatic to be certified though! Was pretty happy on my drive back (though I hit a bird...wth?). I honestly thought I bombed 802, but seeing that "Congratulations" at the end sent me over the edge. I for sure double fist bumped the air, in front of the security cameras pointed at me.. Haha.

None of my questions answered another question, which I found odd as that was something many people have spoken about. I flagged questions I wasn't sure on and continued on my way. On the 801 exam I went back through them, changed two, but for the most part felt as confident about my answers as the first time I flagged them.

802 I wasn't feeling the simulations at all, and I only flagged a few. Once I got to the end, I reviewed the ones I flagged and just consoled myself that I would have to bone-up some more to pass the 802... nope, I did it.

I took a class (which was useless and had no labs...), watched Professor Messer, read Exam Cram, and took several practice tests.

Now to study and take the Net+ exam at the end of February... Wish me luck. :)

- HorizonThief.
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