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Looking to start my CCNA Security after a bit of break from completing my DC studies. Wondered if someone could shed some light on the best materials to use for the exam? Obviously, the OCG is normally the first port of call but apart from that are there any other good books for the exam and also beyond the exam as I may look to do my CCNP:SEC.

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    I've got the OCG book as well as Chris Bryant's Udemy course. So far, I don't want to say I'm struggling with the material but there is a lot of new terms. I might try another Udemy course just to open up my options though.
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    I'm going to echo no!all! and say that I also just completed the OCG book followed by the Chris Bryant Udemy course. The Udemy course is still the old CCNA Security one but new videos for the 210-260 will be out shortly. I'm also working through the CCNA Security Lab Manual Version 2. Afterwards I'm planning on doing the Boson practice tests which I've heard are very good.
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    I read the OCG book and watching the cbt nuggets for 210-260. The videos for me have been clearing up much of the holes so far.
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