Preparing to take the GCIH Exam

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Hi ,
I am going through the suggested preparations for the GCIH exam -reading the material from SEC504 again, working with the tools and indexing the material plus my industry experience. In taking previous cert exams I have relied on practice tests to guide my preparation for the exam. In addition to the supplied practice tests, can anyone suggest other practice tests for the GCIH? Free practice tests would be nice but if I have to purchase a test it would be much cheaper than having to retake the exam.



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    If you have the material + experience + good score in the two practice tests, I would argue there's virtually no way you can fail this exam unless your brain short circuits or something to that effect.
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    The two free practice exams were enough for me and my scores were not high on either.
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    Where can I get material for 504?
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    If its anything like the GCIA, then the practice exams that SANS gives you is all you'll need. The practice exam is laid out exactly the same as the real exam and the same type of questions that are on the practice exam appear on the real thing, only slightly more difficult on the real thing.

    Take the practice exam seriously and pace yourself. If you finish the practice exam with more than an hour left and your score wasn't what you wanted, you can slow down a bit.

    Also on the practice exams when you get a wrong answer, they will explain to you why the answer was wrong, so make sure to pay attention to the explanations and incorporate that in your review/studying.
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    ansel1261 wrote: »
    Hi ,
    In addition to the supplied practice tests, can anyone suggest other practice tests for the GCIH?

    Unfortunately when you get into higher level certification exams good practice tests are hard to come by. I read about someone who paid hundreds of dollars for a CISSP practice exam and the questions ended up being nothing like the real exam, In short he wasted money on useless material. Treat your SANS practice tests like gold. Take each one like you would if you were taking the real exam, have your books fully indexed and your reference material on hand. You certainly don't want to waste one just to see where you are weak before you study for the exam.

    Another thing to remember is if you fail and have to retake the exam, they do not provide you with any more practice exams when you register for another attempt. Two test is all you get ever... Unless someone gives you one or your change you name. :)
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