help setting up an asa5510

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I'm looking to upgrade the asa and asdm software on an asa5510.
I've found plenty of references on how to do the upgrade, tftp the files, put the file locations in the configuration and save it.
But, I cant find anywhere how to setup an network port with an ip address. Never worked on an asa before so I don't know and there isn't any configuration on it that assigns any ip address to any of the ports.
I have a switch setup on the /24 network along with my tftp server. I'll be connecting the asa to the switch. Then tftping the files over. Just need to know how to give a network port an ip address such that it will work.


  • clarsonclarson Member Posts: 903 ■■■■□□□□□□
    anyway I used the management port.
    conf t
    inter management 0/0
    ip address ipadd subnetmask
    nameif management (which set the security level to the default value, 0)
    no shut
    and I'm tftping
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