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Either I am to confused/paranoid or scheduling exam for Vmware sucks big time.

I am currently doing official training of vSphere 6: Install, Configure, Manage. I have received 70% discount on the exam through the university I am taking the training. I think its VCP-DCV PSE someting like academic.

I have created account on VMware and requested authorization for the VCP-DCV, received approval after 15min. It was strange to me that I was authorized as I have not passed the Foundation Exam so I sent an email to vmware education to request if I need to pass Foundation also or I can go with VCP directly.

They reply to me that I need to pass Foundation exam but they also said that "

"The course you completed is not listed on your transcript yet.
Please reach out to xxxxxx and inform them that your mylearn transcript is not updated. They must submit your course completion in order for you to receive credit on our side."

So, I went to my university to ask, and they have no idea what they need to do. They told me that my vaucher discount is a proof that I have been enrlled in a official training.
Before enrolling to this training, I have checked that the institution is approved by VMware and the training is legitimate for the VCP--DCV.
FTF... How did I get pre-autorized and how did I get discount if they are not aware that I have taken the training.

When I go to Perason Vue I can see the reauthorizations but I am afraid that even if I pass the exams I will not be VCP.

Anyone has been in a similar position?

Any ideas what to do?


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    I believe that you can take the exam even though you have not completed the course. However, you will not receive your VCP until you've also finished the course. The transcript won't be showing in your MyLearn because you haven't finished yet!
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    Well I am half way through the training and I don't mind if it shows after I complete the training as long as it is shown on my transcript.
    I am afraid of having finished the training and then find out that the training is not on my transcript?
    How would VMware know that I have taken training. When I sign up for the training on the university they just have my name and email, they do not ask for vmware ID or someting else.
    And what worries me is that the university told me that they do not know how to notify vmware that I have taken the exam.
    Can I just sent proof of payment to VMware or screen shots of my login with the university where I can acceess the vmware official books/software?
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    Authorisation creates you a candidate ID on your VMware myLearn account, and also on your Pearson account - so you're actually able to schedule the exams.

    But that process has nothing at all to do with your training, as others have said you can do the exam whether you've completed the training or not.

    Did you make it clear to the VMware people that you were doing the training with a VITA rather than a VATC?

    I don't know if the VITA has to let VMware know that you've completed the training, VATCs have a process they follow to do that. If VITAs do have to do that, it sounds like they don't know how to. The VITA should have contact info for them to be able to confirm the process with VMware.
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    Actually, I assume VITA is the academic institution, I talked with them and they told me that I need to apply to discount voucher when I pay my exam on Pearson VUE and that way VMware will know that I have taken the exam.
    So in sense, the discount code is your proove, as apparently that discount apply for academic training only and you only get it once you have paid for the exam.
    This is so strange... I have to email vmware and they did knot know this, then I called them and talked 20 min on the phone and they assured me that I am wrong and that the discount voucher does not play any role, just to receive email from them 10 min later apologizing that they made mistake and that I was right and that applying the voucher will automaticaly prove I have taken the exam.

    I have taken 20 microsoft exams so far, EXIN itili, even CEH with all the aboard support :) and they are all better then Vmware so far.
    I am really frustrated... the worst is that I lost confidence in what both parties are saying (both vmware and uni) so now I will take the exam and pray that i will be vcp.
    Too bad I have already paid for the exam... if I knew I will go through this I will never enroll with vmware
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    Yes a VITA is a VMware IT Academy - VITAs are educational institutions that offer authorised VMware training.

    Perhaps someone who has taken their training with another VITA such as Stanly CC could offer their guidance to this thread...
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