How to decide between MS SQL and Oracle?

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Is there really any advantage in starting with SQL before Oracle or Vice Versa? I want to get in to database but I'm struggling to determine which I should start with. I know someone who is an OCP so I'd have some help if needed. I have heard SQL should be before Oracle and it is more widely used. Any thoughts?


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    I use both at work. I enjoy working with MS SQL better.
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    If you start with Oracle, you will learn more.
    Oracle is better than SQL Server, more features, better security, better high-availability.

    SQL Server is not used as production database in big organisations, Oracle is most widely used database, hence your chance of getting a job is much better.

    for both databases, you will have to learn SQL language first.
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    I write applications in various languages that talk to both SQL Server and Oracle back-ends. I reckon SQL Server is more "developer-friendly", in that an application programmer will probably find it easier to cross the developer/DBA boundary with SQL Server than with Oracle. Whether that's a good or bad thing varies according to the situation.
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    Well it all depends upon your goals.
    If you want to be expert dba and get the big bucks then go with Oracle. All the big corporations are using it.
    But... you need to know your **** before they let you touch their database.

    On the other hand, many/most of the SMBs are using SQL server. I personaly am MCITP: Database Administrator on SQL server and I adore it. It is a wonderful product. The think is that my job role is sys admin and not dba but I am the company acidental DBA.
    So if you want to have sys admin job and have another advantage against normal sys admins then go with SQL server as I know many companies that have SQL servers on their infrastructure but they do not have or cannot afford to have dedicated dba, so in those company if you know sql servers you will have advantage.

    my 2 cents
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    Start by learning ANSI SQL. Follow that with Oracle (pl-sql), then MSSQL Server (t-sql). It is much better to learn the standard, then learn the different dialects.
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    Thank you for the input, ANSI SQL might be the better starting point because I definitely do not know ANYTHING about databases. A friend who got his OCP tells me about the Oracle applications and it sounds very cool.

    There is a class (three months or so?) that is done at nights that takes you from learning SQL fundamentals up to OCP. I think it is a daily class too. Does that sound like a good way to go about it?
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