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After reading several posts in this forum, It seems like a general knowledge of the objectives is really all you need. Of course it's a good idea to know all of the specific info that requires repetetive memorization.
After reading about other users outcomes with the core and OS test for the A+ cert, here is my plan of action:

For the past 5 days I have been using this system.
I got the Comptia Press Ultimate A+ resource Kit comtaining:
Training cd's similiar to VTC style cd' but using flash instead of quicktime vids,
over 1,500 practice questions which are thrown at you randomly
and most importantly, the book "A+ in Depth" which really goes into the specifics.

I also bought the book "A+ Exam Cram 2: Practice questions" which also comes with a Measure up cd containing an additional 1,000 questions.

I am basically taking a practice test in the morning using Exam Force, then going through 2 chapters in the "A+ in depth book", then taking a second practice test using the Course.com cd's that came with "A+ in depth" book. Finally, I am then reviewing the training chapters on the cd,
corresponding with whatever chapters in the book I read that day, and concluding with a thrid practice test with the Measureup questions.

At this rate, not including the Exam Cram 2 Practice tests, or the Technotes reviews, I'm hoping to be done within the next 2-3 weeks. Is this overkill? Most training "camps" and "programs" consist of anywhere from 4-10 days, but I am assuming that they just go over the objectives... period!

If you can think of any feedback on this plan, please let me know :)

I am hoping to use this same study plan for my Network + (to a lesser degree) and the MCSE as well.

Thank you!
Randy O.


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    I'm pretty much doing the same thing you are. I'm even using the same resources. I'm using the CompTIA press A+ resource kit and so far it does a pretty good job going over all the objectives. As far as overkill goes, I don't think 2-3 weeks is that bad of an overkill, especially if you have prior knowledge of PCs and PC repair (Me, I've been using computers since I was 8 or 9 and I've been building/repairing computers on an amateur level since my early teens). I hope to be finished studying the Core Hardware topics by next week sometime and take the test soon after.
    I've been studying almost everyday since the end of February, beginning of March. I've actually been reading the chapters, and taking notes. I'll review these notes at the end a few days before the exam date. After I pass the Core exam I'll be doing the same process for the OS exam. So hopefully sometime in April I will be A+ certified.
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    Very cool! The Ultimate resource kit is actually great! I am also having me gf ask me questions from the flash cards too when we are just sitting around watching tv. I am also reading every page of the book, even if it's not something that will be on the test. The first 3 chapters of this book went so slow, it was like watching a snail run a mile. Also, I just went to my local Circuit City and told them that I am studying for my A+ and other certifications, and they hired me on the spot for a In Store Tech position. It doesn't pay much or anything, but it's great experience for the ol' resume, not to mention I can basically get paid to study things that could potentially be on the Core or OS exams. I'm glad that you are finding the Resource kit as useful as I am. How much did you hate the chapter on CPU's? :)
    I think the thing that is helping me remember the most is all the practice tests. I am generally being asked between 200-500 questions per day, and I am starting to memorize the right and wrong answers. If it's an answer that I don't understand why it's correct, I consult the book. Honestly, most of the questions that I get wrong are regarding things that I haven't read the chapters on yet, like laser printers and cleaninga case.
    After 7 Chapters in the A+ in Depth book, I scored a 63% on my PreReq test yesterday. Not great, but it sure beats my first score of 28% when I took a measure up exam. :)
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