Cisco Lab Help(what router should i get)

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Ok I'm in the process of setting up a lab for icnd1 and icnd2, I have 2 switches so far.
I also I have one router that I got from my friend but when I try to connect to it via console port it doesn't display anything in putty.
I'm not sure if there is a way to fix this and if so it would save me a bit of money. At the moment I am looking for 2 routers, so I was wondering what are the best cheapest routers I should buy.


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    1841s get the job done and are fairly cheap.
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    Well as far as no console there are a couple of things you could try after you hit the enter key a few times to see if anything will display.
    1) telnet/ssh Does your friend know the ip address and username/password to the router from a network connection
    2) bypass/delete the startup config file https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/11856/resetting-router-factory-default-removing-startup-configuration-file
    3) try other baud rate See if your friend was using a different baud rate (not 9600) try setting the baud rate in putty from 9600 to 115200 and see if any of those will work.

    The 1841 is a good router for the ccna and a few other cisco certifications. It is small, light and quiet. The first models don't have screw holes to attach mounting brackets. So, make sure they have the screw holes if you ever plan on mounting them.
    in general, any router that is running 12.4 with an appropriate ios is good enough for the ccna. For cisco certs beyond the ccna you will need routers that will run version 15 of the iso. msr routers can only run up to 12.4. the next step up from the msr routers are the isr routers which do run version 15 of the ios. these would be your 1800's and 2800's and others. the 1841 is the smallest and lightest. So, shipping is the cheapest. And the 1841 only has two wic slots and doesn't support voice. So, it's limited functionality makes it a cheap router. the 2800 routers are heavier, louder, and have more functionality so they will cost more. But, you never know when you will see a good deal.
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