Fork in my roadmap for 2016

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I just finished GCED looking for where to go next in my road map.

I met a really great instructor this pass fall in Chicago who inspired me to get my CISSP. I have 4 different books plus using cybury to study for CISSP, I could take the GISP via SANS this coming Summer after July 1. ( I would like to do this like before June because my review is in June. I would like to site for CISSP before then, but right now my funds are limited and i would need to save about $2000 for hotel and course through SANS.

One or Two reasons for taking the GISP/CISSP is a raise in salary plus my CIO is looking to have someone on staff CISSP certified.

My next track to follow for SANS is GCIH which also interests me I have scored pretty high in pen testing, but not really why I would take the course, my main focus had been forensics and this is part of the road map for forensics. This is more for starting my own little side business, as well as regular computer repair,.... it would also fit into work somewhat because of the pen testing.

So my real question is which way do I go from here ?
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