I set my N+ test date set for 3/14/16!

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Yep I set my test date! I know I can change it but by setting it really lit a motivational fire under my butt to study!
6 weeks should be plenty of time for me. Im an optimist :)

A chapter per night is the goal.Im finding its taking me about an hour per 10pgs to study, write down and memorize the material.

How long is it taking you guys?


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    Took me 4 weeks of fairly intensive study. Used CBT nuggets, Messer study guide and CompTIA's CertMaster.

    Best of luck!

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    Do not worry about how long it takes you to 'study'. Study will depend on the type of student one is as well as how much actual experience they have. If you are light on experience, you will naturally need to invest more time and attention into 'study'.

    Do what s right for you to learn the material. This is obviously something you want to do for a career, so no short-cuts, you will simply need to dig in and get the work completed.

    Best wishes!
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I was pretty frustrated with myself last night as I was just covering material I thought I already knew (but didnt!) and it was still taking me 1hr per 10pages, but now I know, thats my pace.

    So if each chapter is about 30-35 pages long and the 30 quiz questions at the end of each chapter takes me about 20 minutes to complete. I can plan on 3hrs of studying + 5min breaks per hour + 20min for quizes equals about a 4 hour per chapter pace.

    I'd like to start getting up at 5am and study until 7. 1hr during lunch and 1hr at night.

    That is quite the required effort to complete one chapter per night!!
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