Prepping for the 901/902 exams

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I'm new to the forum and was trying to find out a bit about the 901/902 exams.

In preparation for the exams I'm reading the all-in-one book (which is incredibly informative and I highly recommend that everyone utilizes it). My question comes with the exam itself. Since there is an abundance of information within the book I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about what may/may not be on the exams. Should I focus more on the chapter review questions as a good final preparation for the exams and the additional study tools?



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    On my test there were a lot of hardware questions, A LOT. Make sure you know your way around a MOBO and have a decent understanding of basic commands and modifiers: ipconfig for example. I was warned about there being a lot of printer questions but my exam barely had any.
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    Good luck! I am studying for the A+ now.
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    When I did my A+ back in 2012 (took the 700 series exams), I had a lot of questions about cpu and matching socket/slot types if memory serves me right. Know OS architecture such as ntlder and tools like msconfig, msinfo32 things like that. Knowing different motherboards and know your RAM module types and speeds!! Also had some beta questions on Android. Know your port numbers as well and understand pc troubleshooting for your 902 exam! (for me 702) Most people tend to be better on the 901 exam as it is more memorizing and they do worse on the 902 as it involves troubleshooting real world problems. Consider buying some practice exams from Boson or Transcender for extra prep. Maybe consider the CompTIA marketplace bundle for the A+. Best of luck on your A+. Let us know how you do!
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