Help with simple static Nat setup-chart commands included

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Basically have this lab,and got nowhere in hours time,and its driving me crazy,point is to set up NAT that two pcs could ping and access server directly,i input the commands as in picture and get score of 50,thus no static nat set up,but interfaces are configured fine ? also can ping router and if enter routers ip i get into server via browser,but not if i enter its ip,nor can i ping those two tasks are to be acomplished yet seems im doing something wrong,any help appreciated.
pic below


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    Can you upload the PT file?
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    pinkiaiiipinkiaiii Member Posts: 216

    Not sure is pt file made wrong,but so far have tried different ip nat inside service source ip-server -ip lan,pc and wise versa setups and still havent figured it out since if someone looked in the picture for some reason there are inside/outside IPs for server also network that pcs are connected is locked and given 209.x.x.x ip as in picture they can still ping router,but if running in simulation mode the pings get stuck in that isp bubble and get returned as ok/received.
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    anyone have idea does static NAT have to use specifically access-list for it to work ? been trying cisco site and examples and it goes into topics like setting up acl,or even dmz stuff which i dont have clue yet about.yet in chapter

    commands were given
    setup static NAT = ip nat inside source static ip ip
    then interfaces s0/0/0 ip nat outside
    g/0 ip nat inside
    just to gain access to server behind other router ,from another site.
    instructions dont state any acls or using netmasks or pools since they are covered in topics afterwards,only this info:

    Step 1: Attempt to connect to Server1 using Simulation Mode.
    a. From PC1 or L1, attempt to connect to the Server1 web page at Use the Web Browser to browse Server1 at The attempts should fail.
    b. From PC1, ping the R1 S0/0/0 interface. The ping should succeed.
    Step 2: View R1 routing table and running-config.
    a. View the running configuration of R1. Note that there are no commands referring to NAT.
    b. Verify that the routing table does not contain entries referring to the IP addresses used by PC1 and L1.
    c. Verify that NAT is not being used by R1.
    R1# show ip nat translations
    Part 2: Configure Static NAT
    Step 1: Configure static NAT statements.
    Refer to the Topology. Create a static NAT translation to map the Server1 inside address to its outside address.
    Step 2: Configure interfaces.
    Configure the correct inside and outside interfaces.
    Part 3: Test Access with NAT
    Step 1: Verify connectivity to the Server1 web page.
    a. Open the command prompt on PC1 or L1, attempt to ping the public address for Server1. Pings should succeed.
    b. Verify that both PC1 and L1 can now access the Server1 web page.

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    pinkiaiiipinkiaiii Member Posts: 216
    So figured out some of issue i had but not completely on topic above,have to say netacad really blows as learning material,took some reading to realize that static nat can be applied only to single hosts,unless theres more ips provided from isp-just single sentence like that would summed up most of headache for me,since in given lab there is only one host that can get static,but even thou applying it,for some reason it says incorrect interface applied to .but if going into browser and checking show commands static is setup and i do get access to server when pinging outside interface or using browser go figure icon_rolleyes.gif

    Now im basically finished with semester two but this nat pat is taking tool on me where i dont even want to bother reading stuff as its mind numbing,you get your internal network ips on hosts then internal network /24 then you have outside isp provided ip,and networks on other side that use same scheme,thus once i see a lab its like 3 ips and just get lost which end needs to get nat,then pat is stirring things up,where i am left clueless to which interfaces does nat apply and then using pat to as single interface to sum it up,then whole ip changing thing from one to another between jumps,didnt even get past ports section yet.And tried another lab where it gives 3ips on 2 different networks to connect to 2 different servers,and it say use 2 ips /30 on one network and leave another for static but /30 leaves only 2 ips avialable,thus third network is going to 2nd server and will be on different subnet but theres single router with 4 connections,connecting all networks together.

    Anyway any advice on people who done or were stuck on nat and whole chapter of it,some way to memorize or to sum it up.
    will be going trough danscourses,but feel like on the brink of giving up,not to mention didnt fully absorb dhcp chapter which i thoguht would be breeze to flow trough since its used in every house nowadays and yet managed to screw up big time,while on GUI its couple clicks to configure it right.Guess need some motivation as whole 2nd semester seems downhill road,with inter-vlans,ripping-collison course ahead when i start adding all topics covered and trying to make sense of them,not to mention not to get lost doing multiple configs from vlans to routing protocols.I know this board is scarce with people asking more questions then getting answers but anything of use to make my head work again,would be appreciated.
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