801-802 time limit, study style trouble

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I'm new to all things tech. I recently took interest in wanting to become a tech, but I know nothing about it. I've bought Mike Meyer's 801-802 book, the Exam Cram 801-802 book, and I also watch Professor Messer's videos. My main issue is reading Mike's book because it's extremely long and I feel it's wasting my time because I find myself trying to memorize every chapter I immediately forget after going to another chapter. The Exam Cram book and PM's videos seem to be straight to the point but it's a little tricky for me.

Is there any tips and tricks I can use in order to stay focused and have a great study style so I can finally be confident enough to pass the exams before the deadline?


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    Not really tips and tricks but what I used to pass the exam are Professor Messer's videos and his course notes, Exam Cram book by David Prowse and practice exams at examcompass. I think I've taken breaks after every hours of studying so I don't burn out...lol
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    There is nothing tricky about learning A+ material, but you will need to get some hands-on time. There is no better teacher than experience and since you stated you are 'new' to this, do it right and get some older equipment and look into getting some job shadow time from someone who has experience, then add in volunteer time to gain confidence and proficiency.

    There is no 'fast' way to get yourself up to speed than make a plan and work through all the parts. Start by downloading the objectives form CompTIA, this will give you the guide to what you will need to know. Meyer's text is awesome, just don't set out to read it all in one evening, set a few month goal to get through the material.
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    To be honest, I wouldn't suggest reading through the entire book of Mike Meyers. I did that and after a week or so, I completely forgot most of what I read. Besides, it's way too much information. Download the objectives and use Mike Meyers book as a reference to find your answers. That's what I did. I also used these 2 books: Comptia A+ Complete Study Guide and Comptia A+ Training Kit. I would browse through those 2 books and took down notes pertaining to the topics listed on the objectives. I did that and ended up with 822 on 801 exam.
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