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Hello All :)

I'm new to the forum so it's a pleasure to meet you all :)

I have recently begun in earnest, studying the Windows 2000 Professional MCP. It's something I have been meaning to do for a long time but never really got around to it until recently. The reason why I've chosen Win2K Pro is because my place of work basically runs the Win2K client on a Win2K Server estate. I'm hoping that after doing this, the XP MCP will be a less hard transition.


I had researched the best way go about this and in short, went for three seperate options:

1) The old favourite, Microsoft Press 2nd edition Win2k book
2) Sybex E Trainer Win2K
3) CBT nugget Win2K Pro

The thing that concerns me is that I've quickly reviewed all the material on each media and there seems to always be info on one aspect of the OS that is not on the other. As a completely random example, on the Cybex disks under the installing applications remotely section, it mentions the concept of third party, non MS 'zap' file extensions. I guess obviously, this doesn't even get a mention in the MS Press book, nor the CBT Nugget disk. I'm sure I could provide many more examples if I really thought about it....

Bottom line is, what will I need to know for the exam? It's my own fault but time is running short and I'm going to have to pick one to study throughly and leave the rest behind as I now just don't have time to go through all three. Attempting a few practice tests has given me a vague idea what to expect but I'm worried that if I stick to just the MS book (probably the safest option) I'm going to miss out key info elsewhere.

Has anyone else experienced these feelings of panic?? :)

Would be very grateful to hear of any experiences you may have had on the matter.

Thanks! :)
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    Don't forget the TechNotes:


    I've always read/heard not to use the MS Press books alone to study for an exam. Sounds like you have quite a bit of experience. I like the CBT Nuggets personally. Know your folder shares and permissions.

    It does seem overwhelming at times though.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your response. I am in the reasonably fortunate position to work in a desktop support role which I have been doing for two and a half years so I have been able to acquire 'practical' knowledge along the way. However, Microsoft exams are just that, learning the way Microsoft want you to go about resolving issues. I think we all know that real life IT support does not always follow the path of a text book :) Soooooooo, that's why I study. To learn Microsoftisms and jargon :)

    The reason for my current endeavour is that I have recently got myself a new job that is all round systems administration and not just desktop support. I think an MCSE would be a great starting block.

    Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I think I'm going to study the Microsoft book and carry my laptop with me to view the nuggets of CBT on my commute. Can't hurt!

    Onwards and upwards....
    "Is that a serial port mouse sir? I bet your car has a manual choke as well."
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