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Just wondering for those who have taken GIAC exams, got a question on study time. What was the timeframe between the time you completed your index to the time you took your exam (or your first attempt)?

I'm thinking about scheduling mine in a few weeks, take the 2 practice tests, and update my index in between.


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    SANS SEC401 9-14-2015 to 9-19-2015
    Practice test 1 - 9-30-2015 - 81%
    Practice test 2 - 10-6-2015 - 86%
    Practice test 3 - 10-8-2015 - 93%
    Passed Exam - 10-9-2015 - 91%

    It totally depends on your background, how familiar you are with the material and how well you do on your first practice test. I would advise that you start work on you index right after you get back and things are still fresh in your head.
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    I started the GCIH material on 11/22 and took the test on 12/19 and passed with an 86. I started the GSEC material on 1/1 and took the test on 1/30 and scored a 91.
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    I spent a week studying and indexing each book before I took my first practice test. Spent two weeks studying and improving my index, took second practice test, spent another two weeks studying and improving my index before I took the GSEC exam. I probably could have passed the exam with less studying, but I took the exam very seriously, keeping my job depended on having that Cert.
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    I took about a month to complete my index and go through the books. This was mostly time spend after work hours. I then took the two practice exams, one without the index and one with. I took a few days off after the last practice, and took the real exam while everything was still fresh in my mind.
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    Like hr1stov, it seems to take me about a month to do one read through and index the books. I wish I could speed it up but I don't take time away from my family to study.
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