Training before network + testing?

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yeah Hi I am currently a college student thinking about studying on my own to take a network + or related certification exam. Is there any requirements previous to taking the exam? I have been accepted into a college program that trains you up to the point of the security + exam but if i could do this studying on my own i might want to do that. I currently have no certifications or diplomas of any kind, but an amateur background of networking experience. I learned some networking because of BOCES if you've ever heard of it. Please let me know what kind of training you guys went through first if any as i am very interested to know


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    I would at least get a book and review the full tech notes from this site.

    Unless you're a full-blown network techie, you're going to learn a good amount preparing for the exam. It's simple, but not easy.

    Good luck!
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