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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in, but ill give it a shot since I am also going for my Security+ this spring. I am intensively looking to land a security internship with a top company by the fall and I figured that my resume could use a little buffing. I am currently working an IT co-op for a medium market company but would really like to break into an infosec internship with a top company. I am enrolled in my schools Cyber Security program with good academic standing (3.7 GPA) and am currently certified as a Qualys Guard Vulnerability Management Specialist. I am looking to achieve my Security+ by the end of April and also have some community service activities on my resume (shows a little bit of character haha).

The one thing that I think that I am lacking is my experience with projects. I am one who believes that experience trumps everything else, and it is really hard for impress InfoSec people at interviews or when networking, because I lack work in the area. I am looking to improve this by completing a few InfoSec related projects. I have browsed around but have found that I cant find much out there. If any of you have been able to build or demonstrate a security concept that has helped you land a job (or think that it would help me land a good internship) could you please let me know. I am looking for a good 3 to 5 projects that I can bring up at interviews or possibly even demonstrate or bring in. Any ideas would help. Thanks!

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